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It is a great pleasure to drive all sectors, offering the best solution.

Mobile application development

We design and develop applications for all types of platforms.

Web Development

We create websites, virtual stores (e-commerce), applications and other systems for the internet

Software Development

We develop software in several programming languages ​​and frameworks.

Web Design

We develop digital interfaces, such as website layout and web applications

Systems Monitoring

Website maintenance, network management, hardware and software.

Database management

We are responsible for managing, installing, configuring, updating and monitoring DB.


We offer a fully configured environment to store your files.

Email Services

Configure message processing according to your users' needs.

Blogs e portfolio

Create portfolios and blogs for every type of service or purpose

IaC (Infracture as Code)
Thechnister Software-Solutions Lda, writes robust codes for infrastructure and the approach simplifies the large-scale configuration management and makes infrastructure changes more reliable, rapid and safe. Making both management and provisioning computer data centers through machine-readable definition files, rather than physical hardware configuration or interactive configuration tools.
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